If you live in the NA or the EU you probably should hate SEGA

That’s right I said it, hate Sega. Oh don’t worry I’ve got some legitimate reasons.

Sega is one of those companies that has been on the decline lately, you really hope they will release a game that will change the entire face of the company around. For Sega it’s possible to become a feared developer again, but first they have to make some better decisions, it starts and ends with their games. So let’s do this friends, let’s rip the Sega corporation verbally apart.


Phantasy Star

A popular and longtime running RPG/MMORPG game, in the newer series such as universe, online, and portable, you create a character and fly from planet to planet to beautifully crafted dungeons fighting monsters, collecting objects, interacting with other people, etc. you know typically stuff you would do in MMORPG game. Every game they have released they have improved on in game specifics such as character creation, system HUD, and battle system. Depending on your taste in RPG’s will determine if you like Phantasy star or not, but truth be told, the phantasy star games are pretty solid. Doesn’t sound like a problem right? Well Sega is a Japanese corporation first above anything, even though originally it was founded right here in the states. What’s that mean though? It means anything dropped in Japan is going to take a long ass time to get to the NA and EU region, that’s if they decide to release it in these regions. This is the problem, there is always an “if” with Sega and their games. The fans of the UK and EU see their games and say “oh I want that, but not only do I have to wait, I have to wait to see if they decide to even release it in the US.” For me being patient isn’t too much of problem, when you make me wait too (being months and years) long I get frustrated, but keep me in the dark about a video game? that’s when I get mad.

Not only are NA and EU Sega fans left in the dark, but they are left in the dark as the game is out somewhere else. Let me back up before I start making metaphors and stuff and tell you a story. Sega decides they are going to release a new game for the PS (Phantasy Star) series, This game is called Phantasy Star Online 2. This game is the successor to the first PSO game and it looks great, graphics much improved, the combat much improved, the cuts scenes look better than ever etc. It looks as awesome if you’re a PS fan, or just a fan of RPG’s. Fast forward to July 4, 2012 and the PSO2 is released in Japan, this makes sense this always happens, all you have to do now is wait a few months and then the game will drop in the NA and EU, also too look forward to at this point in time was the mobile versions of PSO2 that you can play iOS or Android. Everything seemed cool, then came the massive wave of delays, a gamers nightmare, first it was something as simple as PSO2 would delayed until next year. A bummer if you are a fan like me, but nothing a little patience wont solve! And as a side note, the mobile version of PSO2 are coming out in fall 2012 so that will totally hold me over! October strolled around and remember thinking to myself, its fall right?! The PSO2 game for mobile devices should be out, I checked the app store and to my dismay found no game. So I let my patience draw out some more after I checked the wiki page. The wiki page had been updated to say that the mobile versions were coming out not fall 2012 anymore but early 2013. Okay that was a kind of unannounced delay but whatever I’ll let that fly.

Mobile PSO2

Mobile PSO2

Let’s fast forward to around April I believe, right around the time where im looking to purchase my brand new gaming computer, that I cant wait to run PSO2 on, SEGA comes out and states that PSO2 for NA and EU is delayed, as well at this point in time the mobile versions weren’t out either, but I guess April is still early 2013 right? Or was I just lying to myself? July rolls around and I’ve downloaded my first few games off of steam, the craziness of E3 still buzzes in my mind on the crazy ass conferences I saw, but then I think back to E3 and think about SEGA. They were there right? Of course they were! Didn’t they say something about that really awesome game they delayed? Didn’t they give any word to the fans about the date or even progress of the game? They didn’t, they were silent, they gave their fans the cold shoulder. Fast forward to now, February 2014. Here we are people, still with no PSO2, and to make matters worse, we haven’t had an updated since it was officially delayed back in 2013. July 4th 2014 will mark the 2 year anniversary that PSO2 has been out in japan, and the people of NA and EU don’t have damn thing. The fact that the PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) servers were deactivated back in 2012 makes this wait even worse. The only thing the NA and UK has is PSP (phantasy star portable 2). Which don’t get me wrong is a good game, but isn’t enough, especially if you don’t have the seemingly ancient piece of technology that is a Playstation portable. In summary, SEGA you are allergic to money and you suck at putting out PS games. And don’t get me started on sonic, that’s an article for another time.


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