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Sean Anthony

The creator of Runitback Review. He enjoys his beard, people who have beards, such as Daniel Bryan and James Harden, and most importantly enjoys mocking and ridiculing those more talented than he is. Between gaming, music, ripping M. Night Shamalamadingdong movies and drinking more than necessary, he somehow found a way to read, write and act like a competent person.


Currently playing: Assassin’s Creed IV: ARGH Edition, NBA 2K14, Age of Empires II HD





The first man to DDT the Pope

The first man to DDT the Pope

Julian Moorer

It should be noted that Julian is in fact Anti-beard in any month that isn’t label “No Shave November.” Julian spends most of his time quelling the evils of the world with video games, dry wit, and 1800. The self proclaimed “Black Bill Simmons” enjoys arguing aimlessly about sports, movies, the WWE, and the ending off Mass Effect 3. I mean really? What kind of half-cocked company has to release an extended cut of their so called magnum opus, which in turn still made absolutely no sense?  Don’t sell me any of that fan made indoctrination BS! Even if it were true, EA would be seen as coping out at this point! Shameful! But, I digress…







The only man to successfully sting-ray a double sided scooby snack

The only man to successfully
sting-ray a double sided
scooby snack

Evan Moorer

Evan is a partial contributor to Runitback Review. If he isn’t out and about struggling to pay attention in some university class, he is playing various games, writing stories and articles, making music and talking about electronics. You’ll often know him as the one who less critical in some articles (due to nice nature) and more involved with presenting the facts, unless we’re talking about M.Night, I will never forgive that man for the horrific film known as “The Last Airbender” 7/1/10 “Never Forget”

Favorite Game: Grandia 2

Gamertag: Generalfox507 (xbox 360) x507xEvan (PSN)


Currently Playing: Mass Efffect 3, Halo 4 (continuous), BEYOND: Two souls (second play-through) Dead or alive 5

Future Console?: Sadly at some point all three